Taller than your average exerciser…

tall girl #gymproblems

I’m not normally in the habit of donning a belly top for the gym, there’s nothing wrong with doing so but the reason why I look like I do above is simply because I’m rather tall. With the average height of a woman in the UK being around 5ft 4.5in, my struggle to find well fitting and affordable gym wear for my 5ft 11in frame is kind of understandable. But actually, I’m not even that tall! I know and regularly see plenty of women who’re over 6ft, so surely buying exercise clothes shouldn’t be so hard? Continue reading

The best free mixtape for a Swift 5k

Everything's Taylor

The February sun was shining, the park was mere minutes from my doorstep and yet, once again my trainers we’re still in the shoe rack. This scene has been a bit too familiar of late, so in a bid to get over my running hump I went in search of some musical inspiration. And boy, did I find it! Continue reading

Sochi 2014: I Want Equality At The Olympics

Sochi 2014 I Want EqualityIt’s disgusting that the bigotry and homophobia the LGBT community in Russia are currently experiencing still exists in 2014. And it’s absolutely mind boggling that the Olympic Committee have chosen to mar what should be such a fantastic global sporting event by gifting Russia with the opportunity to host the Winter Games 2014, knowing full well about the countries blatant inequality and inhumane treatment of their own people. Continue reading

2014 Health Check – The Good Life

Holland & Barrett Good Life Kit

New year, new hopes and dare I say it… new resolutions? I’m sure you’re as sick as me of hearing that old cliché, so this year I’m opting for a more scientific approach and the year starting with an annual health check. Handily, to celebrate their recent ‘The Good Life Research‘ Holland & Barrett kindly sent me a Good Life pack of healthy goodies to kickstart my 2014. So whilst I tuck into my pack of wheat free, wholegrain, stem ginger oat biscuits (edibles = first thing opened, obviously), here are my priorities for the next twelve months. Continue reading

Why I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador – 6 month Blog Anniversary

I Sweat Pink

As of the 1st of  December I’ve been writing Gymnesia for six whole months! Not much by most blog standards, but it’s been such a positive addition for me personally. One of my main hopes for starting a personal health and fitness blog was to connect people, and despite the wealth of fantastic fitness bloggers and informative sites I’ve actually found it quite a challenge to find an established UK based online community. So, I’m absolutely ecstatic to have been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. Continue reading